Adventure is found when you leave the beaten path

June 17, 2015  •  1 Comment

      Since I have returned to both my homes (Family in Rhode Island and school apartment in Pittsburgh) I have shared my travel stories over and over again. There has been one common comment that trails through all of my audiences and it really irks me. "I wish I could travel," usually followed by a lame excuses. I have had it with this sentence and all the lame excuses. 

     So lets take a little time to discuss why EVERYONE should travel and why there is no excuses or reasons why you can't.

Unacceptable excuses:

  • Traveling is too expensive - I was lucky, I had family to stay with which saved me tons of cash. But, travel can still be affordable. Hostels are cheap, there are plenty of free things to see and student discounts for most entrance fees. The year before a trip limit your spending. Refrain from buying any clothing with designer labels (a general rule I practice everyday but I know some of you can not possibly live without your $100 shoes that you never wear in fear of scuffing them). Skip the daily Starbucks and don't eat out. Break into your retirement fund because when you are old traveling will be 100% harder. Travel can be affordable, so sit your butt in the back of the plane and say no to the chain hotels.


  • I have no one to travel with - Then go by yourself!!!! You will make friends along the way. Plus, you are not restricted by a travel partners needs. You can do whatever it is you want/enjoy. 

  • It's too dangerous/ I am scared - This is an easy one. Pack up all your common sense and use it! As long as you are acting safe and you are aware of your surroundings you will be okay. You are not going to be the only tourist around and your first adventure will probably be somewhere super safe anyways. DO NOT EVER BE SCARED TO TRAVEL. You are more likely to experience danger walking outside your home everyday than traveling somewhere new. 

Other unacceptable excuses. 

  • No passport (get one dummy!)
  • Work (hello paid vacation days, use them)
  • Family (Take them with you. Kids need to be exposed to other cultures.)
  • School (Study abroad!)

Basically the only excuse I will ever accept is health restrictions. 


The Importance of Traveling 

     Now lets talk about why it is important to travel. Other than making all your friends jealous, there are tons of reasons why you should travel. You will return a new person. You will have stories and memories that will stay with you for life. You will see beautiful landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, amazing architecture and wonderful culture. You will eat a meal that taste amazing but you don't know what it's made out of. You will see how other people live and you will appreciate other cultures. Most importantly, you will be changed for the better. 

      This is Gelbwurst. I have been eating it since I was a kid visiting Germany. Up until recently I had no idea what I was made out of and I really didn't care to know. Below is a Berliner Weisse. I ordered it without knowing what was in it because I knew it was the unofficial drink of Berlin. If I was hung up on not knowing how to read the menu or knowing the ingredients I wouldn't have been introduced to these delicious treats. 


     The you who returns from a trip will soon be planning your next adventure. You will have a better understanding of how the world works. You will become more Human

     Traveling is good for your health. Doctors swear by it. (Well I might not actually have any scientific founding in that statement but maybe one day I will hold a Doctorate so it almost has a doctors stamp of approval.) We work so hard, and as a society as a whole, we limit our measly two weeks vacation for family obligations. We stress our minds and bodies with no relief except to visit the same beach every summer at the same exact time. We become consumer robots working the American Dream. 

     End this vicious cycle. Travel somewhere new! Spend your vacations learning, filling your mind with experience and culture. The beach might be relaxing, and sure an adventure might leave you exhausted, but you will have a healthier body and mind. Trust me, your soul will thank you. 

      The most important thing to remember is to never ever EVER fear the unknown. Plan, organize, list as much or little as your heart desires but be prepared to do something unexpected. Say yes to everything. If you can't read the menu, point to something and just try it. Do not ever eat what you know. (Burgers, chicken fingers and fries are off the table.)  Do something you would normally never do. Travel off the beaten path. Journal and photograph every experience. And most importantly, open your mind and soul. If you pay attention, you might learn something new about yourself. You might learn that your current life isn't the happiness you deserve. You might decided to completely change your lifestyle. 


Still not convinced? Well then travel for bragging rights. Travel just because you can. Just do it. You also end up with incredibly lame selfies with a better story to match. Like my cheesey smile below when I climbed to the peak of a mountain in a rain/snow storm. 




I agree! travelling is something that people only regret NOT doing...
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